Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Piece (borrowing Vince’s chair)

I have started a new (relatively small ) painting that depicts an object on a chair…sort of reminiscent of another work. 

Vince's chair_1

This is an earlier stage of Vince’s chair- with something a lot of Dutchmen my age (and a little older) might recognize.

And at a later stage…Vince's chair_2 after I brushed over everything with a turpentine wash…the geometry of the FAL is difficult to get correct. There is a lot more work to fal(low)

This is where it’s going after this evening (Sunday, June 6) Vince's chair_4

I have been wanting to settle down and work on something more objective after the last paintings, but I think that I need to move to a larger scale, or (as Gerry Herdman told me almost thirty years ago) get smaller brushes.

after some work last night.


Chelsea said...

I love this!

Fred Haag said...

Thanks, there are plans for images like this.

Lisa Scarpello said...

Just came across your blog, in search for images for Gerry Herdman. This is Lisa Gilbert Scarpello, I took a drawing class with you at PSU and am now working in the Painting/Drawing Program at UArts. Wanted to let you know that Gerry Herdman passed away this summer and we are having a memorial for him 10/27/10.
If you'd like more info about the memorial, you can contact me at

Fred Haag said...

Thank you for letting me know Lisa. Gerry will certainly be missed.