Wednesday, June 2, 2010

D-evolution (Daylilies)

I painted a landscape in 2001 (Daylilies in the garden)...the paint was way too thin and the color wasn't right. To make matters worse, the shapes were predictable and the canvas seemed to be an unworkable dimension (60" x 30"). You can see most of the original painting above left.  Late last spring, I started to rework this -adding and removing shapes and details, eventually I added a figure, Marcy, to the picture you see above.
  I continued to re-work it over the past year, and into this spring- pushing and pulling shapes, and trying to determine how much detail to put in the figure.  Should it be a generic figure, or a portrait?

It still wasn't right-primarily because the angle of the sitter seemed to be "off" in relation to the surrounding space, and the fact that I have been picking at it over the past ten months...

Finally, last night, I covered the painting with black oil paint, scraped away the bottom half, and scribbled some phrases across the top, and added some stenciled text.
Now I have something that I can work with!


Marc Snyder said...

Kicking that canvas' ass!

Fred Haag said...

It has been kicking me for 8 freaking years.