Thursday, June 10, 2010

Evening Daylilies (in progress)

So for the past three days (or I should say evenings after work and chores are finished), I have been painting after dinner until it it too dark to see…


This is 30” x 40” oil on canvas (with the corner of the barn behind the daylilies)

After another week (of evenings)

The last painting of spring 2010 (please forgive the blurriness)

A little more progress…

Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Piece (borrowing Vince’s chair)

I have started a new (relatively small ) painting that depicts an object on a chair…sort of reminiscent of another work. 

Vince's chair_1

This is an earlier stage of Vince’s chair- with something a lot of Dutchmen my age (and a little older) might recognize.

And at a later stage…Vince's chair_2 after I brushed over everything with a turpentine wash…the geometry of the FAL is difficult to get correct. There is a lot more work to fal(low)

This is where it’s going after this evening (Sunday, June 6) Vince's chair_4

I have been wanting to settle down and work on something more objective after the last paintings, but I think that I need to move to a larger scale, or (as Gerry Herdman told me almost thirty years ago) get smaller brushes.

after some work last night.