Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lunch - Bau

Lunch bau, 19" x 13" spray paint/stencil on canvas
-now that the text and font are working a little better, I want to monkey around with the shapes and perhaps enlarge the image or work with more of the figure.

Lunch bau, 19 x 13
trying to select the correct font and size before going into this with color.

Lunch, 17 x 14 2008
Trying to develop this and get something going with text.


Marc Snyder said...

The text makes me giggle. A strange crisis. . .

Maybe it was one of the lines David Byrne tossed out when he was writing "Once in a Lifetime" - this is not my beautiful lunch!

I'm interested to see where these are going!

Fred Haag said...

Thanks Marc, I think that this one will need to use a lower case font (and some color)