Thursday, December 18, 2008

Eve's Coupons

Here is a little fun. Spray paint on paper.
"Eve's Coupons" 24" x 18"

I used a photo that I took in Florence last spring
in the Duomo Museum. What shame is coupled with the loss of one's coupons???


Jon Owen said...

I really like this version. I can make out the details better and you kept the browns and yellows...

I think the text font is a good choice as well.
It is really really great.

I am working on a secret piece I will reveal to you in York. Think it is going to be epic. (maybe)

if not a good lesson.

I don't know where this new positive thought and focus is coming from but I hope it doesn't leave.

Keep working on these please. I love the motivation it gives me. I think we can go somewhere with this. Or at least get a show. I've never been hung in a gallery.

It isn't the shame of losing the coupon it is the shame of the incessant coupon clipping.

Marc Snyder said...

The horror!