Saturday, February 11, 2012

Girl on Couch or "Red Hots and Valentines"

It took me twenty-seven years to get back to this idea.  On Friday I stumbled upon the sketchbooks that I was working from in July and August of 1985.  Here are two small sketches from the painting(-s) I finished in early August and September '85.  I never got around to painting the one below until this weekend.  Go figure.
The finished painting is from the left-hand sketch is owned by Jim and Ellen O'Hara.
Study for Lisa's Space, summer 1985

Study for Lisa's Sox,  fall 1985

flipped sketch

Girl on Couch  24" x 30" (in progress) oil on canvas
This is a straight-up figure painting (no bau irony) based on some old drawings from 1985 (some of you from long, long ago might recognize the model)- but the socks were borrowed from a newer set of paintings and a different model.

I managed to mangle the working drawing but here is a similar one from the same sitting.

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Marc Snyder said...

Studio Time Travel! It's one of the great perks of what we do! Great stuff!