Tuesday, September 20, 2011


From the start two years ago until now...(I am allergic to stuffed animals)

Lost Bunnies
This first set of bunnies (actually two separate canvases) began as a lark.  I was goofing around trying to justify taking this beat up old stuffed animal from my nephew.  I figured the only way I could really justify behavior like that would be to paint of draw this old rabbit.  The paintings were just quirky enough that I had to do more with the subject.  So, as "bunny" was sitting in the studio,on a chair with some cloth hanging over it...
Cloth Bunny
I started cloth bunny right before the Bau Movement group show and I was tired of playing with text and stencils and I was feeling the need to paint again.  But then I had three bunny paintings.
Beach Bunny
This is a 30" x 44" charcoal and inkwash drawing loosely based  on some family members at the Jersey shore. The Jersey shore just happens to be the place where Smitty was a life guard.
Bunny und Wehrmacht- This needs no explanation.
Study for PzKpfb II (Panzerkampfbunny)
No explanations for the next pieces either.  Yes, the model "Tiger" tank and P38 are just laying around in my studio.
PzKpfb II (Panzerkampfbunny)
M4 Bunny (gotta get one for the kids)
Bunny Gun (2011)

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