Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chels Leaning (Firenze ) - completed painting

"Chels Leaning (Firenze)" 42" x 36" acrylic and charcoal on canvas, 2009

from yesterday (July 22)

You can see the earlier versions of this painting from last month (June 22) at (Chels Leaning (Firenze) - in progress and pulling together)

This painting began as a photograph that I had taken on a trip to Florence last year. I manipulated it by turning it into a negative, then enlarged it and printed it. After a bunch of modifications, I made a stencil and transferred it to a mid-sized canvas.


Chelsea E. Parkent said...

I love it!

Fred Haag said...

I didn't get an official notification, but this piece has (supposedly) been accepted in the 82nd Annual International Juried Exhibition at the AAH.